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Interactive educational tools that make manners
a fun and meaningful experience for everyone

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Mom And Teacher Created

Our products are mom and teacher-created with a focus on
family, kindness, and making our world a better place!

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Interactive Learning

Each product allows children to participate in their own learning, making
the lessons fun and interactive. Plus, our mannered monsters help, too!

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Making manners fun

Interactive educational tools that make teaching and learning manners a fun and meaningful experience for everyone

By Moms, for Moms

Created by a teacher and mom of three. Our products are made with love, encouraging family bonding from our dinner table to yours!

Grows with your child

Education doesn’t have an age limit! Our products are designed to be enjoyed by younger children to older adults

Loved by Everyone

The reviews are in! With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, our products help parents around the world make manners fun

Manners&Co Table Mat

With the help of the Mannered Monsters, our Table Mat teaches children how to properly set a table on their own. Dual-sided for younger and older children, this Table Mat protects your table from messy meals and spills while teaching valuable table manners!

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Manners&Co Table Talk

A fun and engaging way for families to bond over thoughtful discussion. Our Table Talk Conversation Cards teach children how to form their own opinions and talk comfortably about philanthropy, community, self, world, school, family, and friends – bringing spirited discussion back to mealtime! 

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Our Story

From the Minding Manners School in London to the family dinner table in Vancouver, BC – learn more about the Mannered Monsters and how the Manners&Co story began.

Our Story

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