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5 Ways Parents Can Model Manners

Posted by Sunita P on

Even when you think your little one isn’t watching, children are always listening. It is important that parents lead by example to promote healthy habits for their kids. Here are five ways parents can model manners and encourage children to be polite:  

  1. Always use, “please” and “thank you”. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the easiest way to teach them this is to start doing it yourself!
  2. Approach situations from a positive solution-focused perspective. This gives your kids the tools to do the same.
  3. Talk positively about others! No excuses.
  4. Share stories or experiences where you showed kindness or were inclusive, and be sure to use real life examples.

Manners&Co. TableTalk | Mother and three children laughing in bed while reading cards with conversation prompts for kids

    • Manners&Co. TableTalk cards embolden children to participate in conversation. Each card has a question covering a range of topics from family, school, community and more.  TableTalk aims to give your child the confidence they need to speak up and share their opinions with their family and the world.

5. Take time to share what you are grateful for and show gratitude in your everyday life.

Manners&Co. Thank You Cards | Child's hands writing a fill-in-the-blank thank you card with cute cartoon monster on front of card saying "Thank You!"

    • Manners&Co. Thank You Cards encourages children to share their gratitude with their loved ones. Cards include fill-in-the-blank spots for children to create heartfelt messages. Share a card with someone for giving a gift, helping them with a difficult task, or just because. 

By taking positive actions, parents can help their kids create a foundation of fundamental principles that they will carry with them as they grow.

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