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Meet our Founder: Sunita Padda

Posted by Tran Ma on

Q+A  with Manners & Co. Founder, Sunita Padda


Meet the founder of Manners&Co., Sunita Padda. Learn more about why she started Manners&Co. and how she spends her free time. 

What inspired you to start Manners&Co?

When I started my teaching career, I was surprised to see that while emphasis was placed on encouraging inclusivity and good behaviour in the classroom, the school cafeteria felt like a free-for-all. Coming from a British family, the dining table always had rules. I decided to travel to London, England to learn everything about social and dining etiquette. It was there that I realized the more formal approach to learning manners wouldn't connect well with most kids. I was inspired then to create a line of products that were both interactive and educational. Making manners fun (and mainstream) has always been our goal.

What's your favorite Manners&Co. product?

I actually design all of the products myself - so this is difficult as they are all my babies! However, TableTalk would always be my first pick because of how versatile it is. I have elders emailing me telling me they used it with their friends after using it with their grandkids. This product is so diverse, connecting with so many people of different ages, that it truly is the perfect product to teach "inclusivity" and have a great time learning more about the people in your lives. It makes dinner conversations so rich.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have 3 kids under 8, so my spare time is often filled with spending time with them (Luckily they're pretty cute and hilarious). Otherwise, I enjoy pilates, hiking, listening to podcasts, and checking out new restaurants...I love going out for dinner!


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