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Thank You Card Tips for Kids to Share Gratitude

Posted by Sunita P on

Between buying gifts, family visits, and school activities, the holidays keep us all busy and on-the-go. Amidst all the holiday chaos, it’s important to take time to slow down and appreciate all the little moments. 

It’s the perfect time of year to emphasize the importance of kindness and gratitude. An easy way for kids to show appreciation is sharing a thank you card for gifts or acts of kindness from others throughout the year. Below are some tips to help guide your children write a few words of kindness for their loved ones: 

  • BE CREATIVE - Break out crayons, markers, paint  and more! Let kids use their favorite artistic medium to create a bespoke card for their recipient. Use their favorite colors or the colors of the season to keep things festive. 
  • KEEP IT SHORT - There may be a lot of things that your child wants to say, but help them focus on one to two points to share in the card. Some questions to have them think over: 
    • What do you like about the gift/person? 
    • What did you do with the gift that you received? 
    • How did you feel when you received the gift?
    • How did you feel when the person was kind to you?
  • SHARE PHOTOS - Snap some pictures of your little one enjoying the gift and include it in the card to make it even more personal. 
  • FOR ANY AGE - Thank you cards are not only reserved for children who can write in complete sentences and it’s never too early to implement a gratitude practice. With younger children, discuss what they want to say and write the thank you for them. Let them contribute by signing or decorating the card.  

Manners&Co. Thank You Cards

To make things a little easier, Manners&Co. have developed fill-in-the-blank Thank You Cards to guide your little one through their thank yous. This set comes with 30 cards and envelopes with a short prompt for your child to fill out. Your friends and family will love being recognized for bringing joy to you and your family.

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