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Trick-Or-Treat Night | Halloween Etiquette

Posted by Sunita P on

Halloween kicks off the holiday season with a bang! Costumes, candy and parties you’re sure to enjoy. Our favorite part of this fun and festive time is Trick-Or-Treating. Gathering with friends and greeting neighbors makes it the perfect place to practice manners. 

Here are five manners tricks and treats to make your night frightfully delightful:

  • SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU - Trick-or-treating is the perfect practice scenario for your child’s first manners lesson: their “please” and “thank you”s! Motivate your little one to speak up and share kindness with everyone they encounter. With candy as a reward, this practice is sure to ingrain this basic manner into your child's mind.
  • WAIT YOUR TURN - There is sure to be many people out and about on Trick-Or-Treat Night. Although it might be tempting to run up, take your treat and leave, each child should be encouraged to patiently wait their turn for a treat. There is plenty for everyone.
  • SHARING IS CARING - Some homes leave treats out for the neighborhood to enjoy. Please take one or two pieces to ensure that everyone can have some. Additionally, children can share their treats with family and friends. A good night of trick-or-treating will have plenty of treats to share! 
  • WALK ON PATHS AND SIDEWALKS - Although it is quicker to walk between homes by cutting through the front yard, we should use sidewalks and marked paths. Plus, walking on these paths are much safer in the night. 
  • DON’T RING DOOR OF HOUSE WITH LIGHTS OFF - Doors closed and lights off means that these homes are not participating in the night’s festivities. Pass on by to the next home with lights on and doors open to collect your next treat.

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