Can I book a private class? What is required?

Yes. The price per ticket for a private class is the same as a public class. With a mimimum of 5 children, you may book a private class at the Terminal City Club or a restaurant of your choice.

To inquire please email:

I booked a class for my child but we can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for booked classes. However, seats can be transferred to another child.

Please email if you will be transferring a seat.

How long are classes?

2.5 hours

What will my child be eating?

Shortly after we have received your registration, we will send you an email with menu selections and information on dietary restrictions. All meals are prepared by a chef at the prestigious Terminal City Club.

What is the age range for the classes?

The age range for our classes is 7-12. If you have a minimum of 5 teenagers, we would be happy to organize a private teens class with age-appropriate topics.

Who will be teaching my child’s class?

Currently, all classes are taught by founder and B.C.-Certified Teacher, Sunita Padda. Sunita will remain with your children for the entire class from drop-off to pick-up.

Can I stay with my child during the class?

We recommend parents drop off their children and return again for pick-up. Children tend to learn and engage in the class more if their parents are not with them. Not to worry, our founder and teacher, Sunita Padda, is a Certified B.C. educator and will stay with your children from drop-off to pick-up!

Do we need to complete Manners 101 in order to register for 102?

Yes. In Manners 101 we teach Dining Manners. In Manners 102 we teach Social Manners, however, we also review Dining Manners so it’s important your child has received the proper training in Manners 101 beforehand.