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Our Story

We're making manners fun!

Manners&Co. was founded by Sunita Padda, a teacher who believed that children can learn good manners in a fun and interactive way. Having learned dining and social etiquette in London, England, Sunita returned to Canada to create the Mannered Monsters.
Our The Manners&Co. Mannered Monsters are a family of characters that work together to make manners fun. You'll find them tagged along in all our products – from our table manners interactive placemat to our conversation cards! These monsters are the mascots for your children and are here to make manners fun!
Manners&Co. explores all the creative ways our products can inspire children's curiosities while teaching fundamental principles such as respect and civility. By engaging young minds in a way that is interactive and enjoyable, we can empower our children, students and loved ones to think critically, creatively and compassionately.

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