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Now there's no excuse to forget your manners at the dinner table! Our high-quality, food-grade silicone table mat is interactive and full of reminders, tips and tricks. Have fun with the Mannered Monsters as your little ones try and meet each goal!

Soon, manners will be as easy as… A, B, C!

Ages: 3+


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Don’t be caught with your foot in your mouth (literally) ever again!

Our Mannered Monsters are here to save the day with our Manners&Co. Conversation Cards.

We’ve developed 135 conversation cards, split into 7 categories: Philanthropy, Community, Family, Friendship, World, School, and Self. Pick a card and use these open-ended questions to give your kids the confidence they need to facilitate family conversations, teaching them how to initiate, encourage and include others in mealtime conversations.

Ages: 4+


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Table GiftBundle

Get our TableMat and TableTalk Bundle for $5 off!

Ages: 3+


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Thank YouCards

Now your little munchkin can learn to express their gratitude using our Mannered Monster Thank You Cards! Each card is pre-filled with prompts to help children create thoughtful messages! 30 cards and envelopes included.


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Manners&Co. GiftBundle

Now you can get all 3 of our Manners&Co. Products for $5 off and Free Shipping in the U.S.!


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